Ultima Destek

  • What's your sales policy?
  • Who owns the game visual desktop designs?
  • Are There Web Interface Design Alternatives?
  • What are the Privileges of the UD Connector Service?
  • Do You Have a Dedicated or VDS Service?
  • Do You Have Any Protection That We Can See and Log Attacks?
  • How Does the Process After Order Work?
The products designated within Ultima Support are open to mass sales, with the right to sell them in "Ultima Support".Although the service you have received is not personal, it is limited to the server you have received and is licensed.You need to get a special price quote for personalized software, design or hosting services.
Although our in-game visual desktop designs are entirely ours, they are not quoted from anywhere.
Although the designs in the Wordpress category are legally distributed interfaces, the business we use is Fusionhub and stressweb, but we also offer the designs we received in psd format after css + html and after wordpress integration. On request, we can write a custom cms management panel, and we can only draw and integrate a customized interface according to your request.
We currently have 3 different connection program software active and each one has different features and security measures.If our customers benefit from our connection programs, they will benefit from the updates that will come free of charge, but they will be protected from the illegal tricks they have stated to us in the most updated way.
As Ultima Support, we have franchises in some data centers both at home and abroad, but our servers have physical firewall hardware.
Although firewall hardware provides security up to a certain upper limit, min. connection permission unfortunately creates a problem for UO.In Packet DDoser attacks, when defining firewall as a normal connection, you are more likely to be down due to the attack you receive.Thanks to our software protection, you can access the documents of the attackers by banning their attack types until the IP range access of the country you want, and if you think it is necessary, you can access the document that you can take action against the people who attack legally.
Every product you buy is sent to your e-mail address specified in the .rar format in the same day after payment.The usage of the product you bought includes setup and explanation.If you have any problems, you can get support by contacting us through the contact section of our site, our numbers or our social media page.